If you live outside of Hawke's Bay, we would still love to help you, and with the wonders of technology, it's not a problem.

design board • furniture plan:

To start we need you to fill out the form below, email us photos of the space you wish to create or update, along with a floor plan and/or room measurements. Send us a link to your Pinterest boards if you have any, this is a fantastic way for us to see your design preferences. If not, consider creating your first Pinterest board.

From there we will go away and put together a quote to come up with a design solution tailor-made for your specific requirements and personality. The initial quote will cover a Design Board, which will include a colour scheme, fabric and furniture choices, and an overall look for your space; and a furniture plan.

The Furniture Plan (if you need one) will provide you with a layout of your space. This is a very important step to ensure good flow and the most practical furniture placement. Your Design Board and furniture plan will be emailed to you in a pdf format with our design explanation, and followed up with a phone call to discuss.

Once you have received your board, you can order the items through us. We will handle the suppliers and pass on to you any designer discounts that are available to us. You can do this is quickly or as slowly as required, but keep in mind that some items may not be available if you leave it too long.


From this point on we will work with you on an hourly rate for as long (or as short) as you need us.

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