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Our journey together begins with an initial consultation where we will visit your space and spend an hour getting to know you and your project. We will be able to give you some solutions straight away, however, it's safe to say that all projects require further design work (we can't solve all your interior problems in one hour). This further work will be quoted and outlined in the days following the initial consultation. There is a cost for the initial consultation, but if you accept our quote and commit to work with us, we will discount your initial consultation fee by 50%.

If you live outside of Hawke's Bay (Napier, Hastings or Havelock North), we can arrange to travel to you. Email us for a quote to do so.

To help the process please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to arrange the initial consultation with you.

design CONCEPT board • furniture plan:

After our initial consultation we will quote you to produce a Design Concept Board, giving you the look and direction we have chosen for your project. It will include paint colours, our fabric and furniture choices, and an overall look for your space; as well as a furniture plan.

The Furniture Plan (if you need one) will provide you with a layout of your space. This is a very important step to ensure good flow and the most practical furniture placement.

A second meeting will be scheduled to present and discuss your Design Board.

Our best results come when we work on several rooms or an entire home, as we can create a cohesive look that flows throughout. On these occasions we break the home into areas and create a concept board for each area.

Once the board has been presented, you can order the items on your board through us. We will handle the suppliers and pass on to you any designer discounts that are available to us. You can do this is quickly or as slowly as required, but keep in mind that some items may not be available if you leave it too long.

FABRIC + furniture:

Please note that we source all fabric and furniture, therefore you are required to purchase these through us. As mentioned above, we will pass on any designer discounts available to us.


The quote for your design concept will include some follow up time to allow you to get prices and order pieces we've recommended, as well as discuss aspects of the design. Once that time is up, we will work with you on an hourly rate to help you with your amazing transformation.


Once you have your design, hiring us to project manage the job will make your life so much easier. We have a network of fantastic 'tradies' and suppliers, and we can organise as much as you need us to, leaving you to focus on your own work and family life. Take the stress out of your interior projects and leave it all in our very capable hands.

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