Getting Started:

A bit of time spent at the start of the design process is essential, and will help us do the best possible job for you. Fill in the questionnaire on our "work with us" page. Here are some things to consider:

:: Determine your style 

Pinterest is our favourite tool for this. You can create your own Pinterest boards and pin images you love to them. Quite quickly you'll notice a pattern emerging, and this will help us to understand your likes and preferences. Start by checking out our Pinterest boards.

:: Determine your budget

It's extremely helpful if you know your budget before you start. This will help us make the right decisions when considering your design and the products we select.

It’s often a tricky question to ask, but please think about your budget BEFORE you meet with us. How much have you budgeted for any design, building and structural work, AND, how much have you budgeted for furniture and accessories.

:: Communication is key

Get everyone on board right from the start. We need to know your partner or spouse's expectations, likes and dislikes as well as your own. As with any relationship, communication is key. Good communication will help achieve the functionality, look, schedule and price tag you have in mind for your project. The more you can tell us the better and more smoothly the process will be, and the less costly it will be for you.

:: Trust + commitment

You’ve come to us to design your interior. We may push you out of your comfort zone from time to time, we may suggest things that you haven’t thought of, but we want the same thing as you - an amazing space! Our best results come when our clients trust us, commit to the process, and let us do our job.

:: In summary...

Our aim is to create for you an interior that you can connect to emotionally and will bring you joy. A really concise brief and a clear idea of your style will provide the best possible outcome. We can't wait to start working with you. Fill in our questionnaire on our "work with us" page to get started.