Black & White

I know a lot of the things I blog about are all about colour, and lots of it - I do love it. 
I've never been a beige, tea or coffee kind of girl. But I am also crazy about black & white. 
I love the graphic nature of it, and the extreme contrast.
While doing my usual internet crawling, I came across this really cool, award winning, graphic design agency called Family Design Co. They are based in Tauranga, New Zealand - a most beautiful part of the world. The thing that attracted me to their website was their awesome office space. As a graphic designer myself, I know how important it is to work in surroundings that inspire you. I bet the work that comes out of Family Design Co is fantastic! What do you think?

PS: I am off with the whanau (that's family, for all you non-New Zealanders) for a few days for Easter. But I will be back with you real soon. Take care xxx