It's a dog's life

This is our beautiful dog, Sam. She is a much cherished part of our family. And you can see her on her camo bed, which she loves. But, although it's hard wearing, washable, and comfy, it doesn't quite fit in with my decor (note, photo on bed is pre-reno days!). I searched high & low for a "prettier" dog's bed, but I couldn't find anything.
Just recently I have come across two different websites that sell beautiful dog's beds, 
and I think I might have to purchase one - the camo bed can become her outside bed. 
I'm just trying to decide between the Pretty Floral Lily bed from Ada & Darcy, and the 
green Title Track dog duvet from Molly Mutt.

PS: I just received an email from the lovely people at Molly Mutt. They are very happy to post their beds to New Zealand, and are really curious to know which designs you all like. Please let me know so I can pass it on to them.

Ada & Darcy dog beds

Molly Mutt dog beds