Japanese Influence

Because of my love of colour and pattern, I have always been drawn to Japanese design. Recently the Kokeshi dolls have become hugely popular. Though the very earliest dolls might have been unpainted, today most are painted in bright floral designs, kimonos, and other traditional patterns. Each doll is like a little piece of art. Sending all my good wishes to the Japanese people in this difficult time - xxx.

1. Kimono bangles
2. Beanbag ottoman in Florence Broadhurst Japanese Floral fabric
3. T2Tea Kokeshi doll jars for storing tea
4. Carly Harris kimono inspired dress
5. Kimmidoll collectibles
6. Nicole Richie in an Issa Kimono dress
7. Kimmidoll coin purse
8. Kimmidoll mug
9. Kristen Doran Kokeshi doll panels