The Amazing Race Australia

Today's posting is a little bit different... Over the last 6 weeks or so, my girls and I have become big fans of 'The Amazing Race Australia'. I've watched the American series before, but, maybe because we're all from 'down under', the Aussies were really fun to watch. So many laughs with the Big W Ladies, Mos & Mo, the Cowboys (Matt cracked me up!). But funnily enough all our favs made it through to the final, which aired last night here in NZ.

My youngest at 6 years, Luca, loved the surfie boys, Tyler & Nathan, who were very strong throughout the race and ended up winning.

Jessie, my 8 year old, was all Girl Power and backed Sam & Renae, who did really well as an all women team. They finished second.

And Luca's twin sister, Mia, and I were cheering for Luke & Jeff who came third. I thought their story was great - father and son, the dad, Jeff, had left when Luke was 15 yrs, and they had a bit of a fractured relationship. Not that that was great, but it was awesome to see the bond and trust grow between them over the course of the race.

What a cool thing to be able to do - race around the world, see so many amazing places, push yourself to new limits, all with your best mate/boyfriend/brother/sister... I was surprised that my twins were interested in the show, but they loved watching the challenges, and seeing all the different countries. Are any of you Reality TV fans, and if so, what's your favourite!