Blog Award

I have recently discovered, and started following a gorgeous blog called Wishful Thinking. Meghan is a South African living in London and engaged to her high school sweetheart.
Her blog is a diary of sorts offering a little glimpse into her life, and also to showcase all the amazing things she finds in the big wide world of web. 

Today Meghan was sweet enough to give me a fun blogger award. The award calls for me to share 7 things about myself, and then spread the love by awarding it to 10 other bloggers.
So here goes...

1.) Glass half full! I'm a bit of a 'Polly Anna', always trying to find a positive in every situation. I can't think of anything worse than going through life grumbling and complaining.

2.) I'm passionate (some may say obsessed) with colour & pattern. It just makes me happy!

3.) I love to run. Well, it's probably better described as jogging at a nice, leisurely pace.
I have to have hills on my run, I get bored on the flat (that's due to growing up in hilly Wellington). My favourite song to run to is off the Rocky soundtrack, "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor - I picture Sly running up those steps and punching the air - so motivating!

4.) I'm a typical Libran - easygoing, idealistic & peaceable, but can be very indecisive.
I loathe cruelty, and also conflict, so do my best to cooperate and compromise with people. On the Chinese Calendar I am Year of the Dog, and my ideal partner is a Horse!

5.) I'm a real girly-girl, but two of my fav tv shows are quite hard-core - "Supernatural" and "Sons of Anarchy". I have to admit, the main attractions are Dean Winchester in SN, and Jax Teller in SoA ;D

6.) I like happy, easy-going people. My ideal evening spent with friends would be dining alfresco, champagne, music and laughter.

7.) One of the best parts of my day is sitting down with a cupper to catch up on my fav blogs. I never tire of them, and am constantly inspired. I love that I've made so many 'cyber' friends from all around the world through blogging.

Now I pass the award on to 10 other special bloggers, so they can repeat the process. xxx

• Abbey from Gild and Grace
• Santa from Homestilo (I know you got one from Meghan too - you're so popular!)
• Amy from Milo and Mitzy
• Laura from Kit & Nancy
• Marina from Iced Vo Vo's
• Rachelle from The Blue Room
• Christall from Maisy & Grace
• Sasha from One White Apron
• Melissah from Scrapbook

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