The Brides Cafe

I came across The Brides Cafe, when I noticed they had posted one of my images on their Tumblr site. When I find a Tumblr site I love, it just has one after another gorgeous image, and I can get stuck there for quite some time. These are some of the 'home' pics that move me for one reason or another...

I want stairs so I can do this

Looks like Scandinavia meets Morocco - two of my fav styles

Love everything in this pic - sign, rug, lovely bits & pieces on shelves

Come to my place please - do you think you could ever get out once you sat in this?

Great shelves - it looks like a giant stack of books instead of individual shelves

The contrast between chairs & table is awesome, and what orderly book shelves!

Black & white love - and beautiful dog!

Gorgeous mix of patterns and colours