To India with Love

Dear India, thank you for the inspiration you bring me, for your exquisite colours & patterns, and incredible architecture. Please can I come and stay with you soon?

Thanks also to Lindi Kingi for alerting me to the blog 'hope this lasts', which inspired this blog posting. It's Sydney based author, Aubrey Daquinag, has recently returned from a trip to India, and her beautiful photographs and poetic writing has given me an overwhelming urge to catch the next plane to India and experience the beauty for myself.

Were it not for my motherly duties, and lack of funds I would definitely be winging my way there right now. In the meantime I will have to make-do with these beautiful images. The first one below is what I will be putting up on my hot pink chalk board wall in my kitchen.

2 - A Stylists's Life | all others -  Souls of my Shoes

So you can see why I love bone inlay furniture - it's my little piece of India here at home (and could be in your home too!).