Coast New Zealand

We've had a beautiful Anzac Day today. For anyone in the Northern hemsiphere who may not know what Anzac Day is... it's a day for Australian's and New Zealander's to remember and honor our fallen soldiers. We have been super fortunate that it's been a stunner of an Autumn day, and we've enjoyed a lot of time outdoors with extended family.

We Kiwis and Aussies are renowned for enjoying our outdoor lifestyles. A fabulous company called Coast New Zealand aims to allow you to live outdoors without sacrificing comfort or style, with their gorgeous range of furniture and accessories. The new Bach Basics collection is an indoor/outdoor bean bag that comes in two popular styles and three contemporary colours.

For a great punch of colour on those lovely Autumn days, try one of Coast's Sunbrella Outdoor Cushions. These are made from marine-grade Sunbrella fabric, guaranteed to be resistant to fading and deterioration, even when left outdoors.

And, as the sun dips down behind the hills, you'll be wanting one of these fire pits exclusive to Coast's concept store, The Outdoor Room. Having one of these on your patio means that you get to spend even more time outdoors, enjoying the warmth and the atmosphere created by the aptly named, Angelina and Brad fire pit (they are both pretty hot!).

Angelina - left | Brad - right