Dream Kid's Room Makeover

There is a TV programme in Sweden called Fixa Rummet. From what I can understand (it's all in Swedish) they find children who are dissatisfied with their bedrooms, and 'fix' them, creating their dream rooms. This one belongs to the adorable brother and sister, Kaspian and Nike.

Kaspian wants to be a vet so his room is filled with animals, and Nike has a little pink nook under the stairs below her big brother's room. For more photos click here.

A perfect little vet's room with an animal rug and snake curtains

Very cool jungle theme wallpaper that the kids can colour in

Old printers trays are great for displaying small toys

An old cabinet has been turned into a hospital for all the sick toys

I have previously featured a DIY handle project here similar to Kaspian's dinosur handles

Down the stairs to Nike's little pink room

I love the little ribbon-tied-dog-curtain

The bed tucked under the stairs makes it so cosy