A Balancing Act

When I was at design school (many moons ago) training to become a graphic designer, we were taught about page layout, and getting the balance right. The same principles apply to interior design. You don't have to have everything centred, sometimes things look much more interesting off-centre, with some clever balancing.

This is a prime example. The picture is balanced by the vase and books on the right.

I love this hallway. Your eye travels along the runner to the pouffe, up the lamp, across the type to James Bond, and down to the books below. The height of the lamp is balanced by the tall black figure of Sean Connery (he was definitely the best James Bond, don't you think?).

Oh, the talented Rachel Castle! Her beautiful artwork is balanced by the objects on the bedhead, and also helps to give some weight to the lighter yellow side of the bed.

Nothing is centred over this sofa, but the objects either side balance each other beautifully.

Another perfectly styled photo. The low hanging pendant would be great for when you're curled up at the end of the sofa reading, in place of a floor lamp. Your eye comes down the light to the cushions and across to the table. It's great to have a 'hero', something you first focus on in a room, and then everything else compliments it.

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