Circles + Angles

I don't know what it is exactly about circles that makes me love them so much. They are a symbol of unity and wholeness, and can be seen as protective, nurturing and feminine.
And they are fantastic to incorporate into your home! 
A lot of things in our homes are rectangular in shape - tables, pictures, sofas, books... Look around you, see what I mean?! Adding circles into your home will counterbalance all those angles, soften them, and, in my opinion, contrasts add interest and dynamics to a space.

There are lots of ways to include circles in your home, and you may already have done this unwittingly (or knowingly). On the walls - round mirrors, artwork, clocks, wall plates, hanging hats on hooks looks cool and it's functional; furniture - round tables, ottomans, stools; accessories - lights are often circular, throw a round cushion in with your square ones, circle patterns on fabric. So go on and embrace your curves!

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