Beautiful Boudiors

Bedrooms might just be my favourite room to style and decorate. But, as they are often a haven to escape from our fast-paced lives, they are a very personal space. I've chosen a few fabulous examples to show you...

Scandinavian style is clean with simple lines, often geometric shapes, and always one or two very cool accessories.

A soft, neutral colour palette creates a calm and restful environment. Just make sure you add different textures for the perfect look.

Another example of neutral with loads of texture. I love the contrast between the ornate bedhead and the rustic wall. The stack of books makes a great side table and gives the room a more casual, relaxed vibe.

Duck egg blue is such a serene colour, and just adds a subtle pop in this more classic bedroom.

Although this room is small, it just adds to the sense of cosiness created with the luxurious throw, and fat cushions.

My favourite bedroom style includes white walls and bedding with an injection of colour and pattern.

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What's your bedroom style?