The Home & Office of Ariel Gordon

Ariel Gordon is a Los Angeles based jewellery designer whose home and office are just as gorgeous as her jewellery line. Ariel and her husband, Alex, didn't set out to decorate their home in an eclectic style, they simply filled their home with things that they loved and had meaning to them.

My favourite item is the huge tufted pink ottoman in the living room, it looks incredible on the black & white Ikea rug. Ariel knew she wanted this, but couldn't find quite what she was after, despite hunting high and low. So she had this one custom made, and although expensive, it was worth it, as it's also her favourite piece in their home.

Ariel's first office was in her living room, but she now has a gorgeous office in downtown LA.

Photos from The Glitter Guide

Her jewellery is pretty and feminine and favoured by lots of celebrities. I've got my eye on several items myself!