Defining Spaces

When working with interior spaces there are lots of ways to define spaces and create focal areas. Rugs are one of the simplest and most effective ways to do this. 

In the picture below, the white table and chairs could easily be lost against the white walls and soft grey floor, but the rug anchors and highlights the furniture. The repeat circles in the light, table and rug soften the sharp lines of the walls and pictures.

Many of us live in open plan homes these days, where it's important to create different living area within one large space. The use of two rugs clearly defines the dining and living areas.

Even a small rug can be effective. This sheepskin layered over the large floor rug forms a cosy spot, while also linking it to the rest of the living area.

Where rugs work on floors, you can be equally clever with paint on the walls. By painting a rectangle behind this long desk it, once again, anchors and defines the area.

The cushions and the skull direct your eye to the bedhead, creating the focal point of the bedroom. The dark green half painted wall is a gorgeous contrast to the pink. It also helps create that focal point, while adding a cosy, enclosed feeling.

Lastly, can you imagine this hallway without the hot pink stripe? It adds interest to what could easily be an uneventful space. The addition of the art and the large white vessel draws your eye up and around the corner. So clever, don't you think?!

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