Super Cool House Tour

My favourite homes are the ones that are a true reflection of their owners. They are unique, like no other, because they are filled with things that the owners love. They evolve over time, and grow and change to fit around the family's lifestyle. The home of Alexandra Grenham, her husband, John, and their two daughters, is a prime example.

Most of the home is one large open space, but Alexandra, who is the Creative Director for Erie Drive, has cleverly created zones for the different areas. Rugs mark the territory of the kitchen and living room. And the large outdoor table converted for indoor use anchors the dining area. The light above the table is another way to help zone the dining area.

The girls have taken over the master bedroom, and the large space is perfect for playing as well as sleeping. Another large rug creates a cosiness, and the scale of the gorgeous artwork works well in the big room.

I love this home, it feels relaxed and playful, and I can imagine lots of fun times had here. What more can you ask for from a home?!