Cottesloe Home

Cottesloe in Perth, Australia, is well known for it's beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle.
A trio of talented interior designers - Lisa Ewart, Kellie Brooks, and Madeline Ehlers from 
Collected Interiors - have captured that vibe perfectly in this home. With a palette borrowed from the beach, and lots of leafy green foliage, it has a lovely airy feel, totally in touch with it's surroundings.

A deep sea blue runner leads you down the hallway. Wooden floor to ceiling balustrades create a wall divider while still letting through light.

The chosen furniture is light in colour and form, which adds to the sense of airiness.

Splashes of zesty yellow throughout the home bring some zing to the earthy palette.

Cottesloe looks like a pretty great place to live, don't you think?!