Biking in Style

My very first blog post, nearly three years ago now, featured my beloved Hawaii 3 Speed Electra Cruiser. She is so beautiful - my husband (the mountain biking guru!) has tried to talk me into a smaller, faster bike, but there is now way, she's here to stay.

I initially fell in love with the Carrie Bicycle Basket, and bought that before I even owned a bike. Unfortunately, on a recent windy day, my bike was blown over and part of the Carrie basket snapped. The damage wasn't too bad, but it just doesn't sit securely on it's brackets anymore. So inside, as a magazine holder, it has come.

The key to riding a 3 speed cruiser is stick to mostly flat terrain, and make sure there are some favourite cafes on route. For this you need somewhere to store your wallet, keys, phone, lipgloss, and all other essentials. You can throw your favourite bag over your shoulder, but I prefer to ride unencumbered so have been searching for another alternative.


My favourite so far is this cute handlebar bag from the Beatrice Holiday Etsy shop. It comes in a range of vintage fabric and there is even a matching seat cover if you want (I have a cool leather seat, so I don't want to cover that up).

On my travels to find the bag I came across so many cool biking accessories. I say, if you're going biking you may as well do it in style!

mobile phone bike mount | swing basket | nutcase pink cheetah helmet 
bike wine holder | double bike bag | hawaii handlebar mirror

And if I didn't already have an awesome bike, this gorgeous gold polka dot, limited edition Karen Walker bike would be at the top of my list.



If you're a social biker like me, and know of any other cute bike bags I might like, I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend and happy biking.