Our Bathroom Renovation

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Many of you have said that you want to see more of my own designs, and my home, so today I'm going to share our recent bathroom reno with you. We have a tiny, almost square bathroom, that we share between the five of us. Eventually Mark & I will build an en-suite for us, but until then we share with our girls.

Our old bathroom was awful, I used to get in and out of there as quickly as possible. There was a lot of peach-coloured moulded plastic, and bad wood cladding. Behind the door a bath took up half the bathroom, and on the other side of the room was a small vanity and large, ugly shower cubicle. It was a fantastic feeling to rip it all out and start again!

The aim was to make the small room feel as spacious as possible while still being completely functional. After much deliberation we made the choice to not put a bath back in. I couldn't have done without a bath when my girls were tiny, but they all prefer to shower now. The bath was just a large space waster that I spent a lot of time cleaning dust out of! We could've put a shower over a bath, but we don't plan, or want to move anytime soon, so we made the decision to build for us, and not for possible future owners.

So where the bath used to be we were to build a walk-in open shower. A large pane of glass would shield the dry side of the room from the wet side. The floor plan above was one we put together before we started, and is pretty much what we finished up with, although the glass is wider than I've drawn it on the plan.

I wanted to have a floating vanity to give the illusion of more space, and we put a beautiful round basin on top with a gooseneck mixer. I love the curves against all those straight lines. The amazing team at Rabbitte Joinery made the vanity for us complete with two soft close draws underneath for storage.

We spent a long (and I mean, a looong) time choosing tiles. We were going to make a feature of the walk-in shower and tile that side in turquoise blue. But the only ones we liked were hand glazed and would've totally blown our budget. There were a lot of choices in between, but in the end we decided to keep a clean, neutral base which I could then add layers to. I would've loved Carrera marble tiles on the floor but Mark is not a marble fan. Instead we chose large grey concrete tiles, which I love, and they're really practical with kids.

Because of the lack of space there was only one place for our heated towel rail, but it's perfect under the window. When you've finished your shower you just reach down, turn off the water and grab your toasty, warm towel. And it's far enough away from the shower head to not get wet.

We didn't want a hand-held shower head with the long hose, we wanted to keep it clean and unfussy. But we did go for the mack-daddy of shower heads, and it was totally worth it! It's like standing under a softly massaging waterfall :)

When the base of the room was all finished, then I started on my top layer. Gorgeous line drawn waves on a wallpaper by Abigail Edwards was put on the wall next to the vanity, which you see when you first enter the room. It also went above the mirror which spans the entire width of one wall - another feature to help make the room look bigger.

The vanity couldn't run the full width of the wall, as you wouldn't be able to open the door. But the space at the end was the perfect size for a Sidekick Low Stool from Paper Plane. It looks amazing on it's own, but it's very handy for throwing your clothes on top of too.

I wanted the basin off-set so that I could have a large available bench space. Eventually the girls will use this for makeup etc, but for now I can pop some flowers and a candle there. I'm always changing the top - the soap's consistent, but otherwise you never quite know what you'll find. You may've seen a few variations if you follow me on Instagram.

We had recessed ceiling lights put in, but one of my favourite things in the bathroom is our wall sconce above the mirror by onefortythree. The touch of wood warms up the blue wallpaper, and the lines echo those found in the waves.

I couldn't resist including my trade mark hot pink somewhere. Towels from Small Acorns and Country Road add more colour and pattern. Heeding Coco Chanel's advice to "look in the mirror and take one thing off"... I got a gorgeous photo framed of 4 yr old Mia in the bath, which was to hang on the wall to the right of the vanity. But because it was reflected in the mirror, there was just too much going on. It now hangs on the wall outside the bathroom.

If you made it all the way to here, well done! That was a small book I just wrote. A quick thanks to all the workers who I haven't already mentioned: Mark and my father 'n law, Pete - the builders apprentices; Brian - the builder; Paul - the plumber and tiler; Davyd - the sparky; Mike - the wallpaperer; amd Metro Glass for the glass pane and huge mirror. We absolutely love our new bathroom. The only thing wrong with it is that I now spend way too much time in there! Feel free to ask me any questions.