Entranceway Makeover

Last year Dael & I worked with a gorgeous young family who had relocated from Auckland to the beautiful Hawke's Bay. They have a fantastic new home with lots of lovely pieces, but Caryn just wanted some help to pull things together, starting with their entranceway.

It's a large, light and bright entrance with hallways on both sides leading to other areas of the home. The wall opposite the front door was the perfect place to create a welcoming vignette, but we felt the console table was a bit small, and more could be done with the space.

Dael & I created a concept board to show Caryn and Jarrod what we had in mind. The "hero" piece was a gorgeous gold chevron wallpaper, which would create an immediate impact when people entered the house. We wanted a larger scale console table than the original one, keeping the lines clean and simple to allow the wallpaper to shine.

We're so thrilled with the outcome, the wallpaper looks amazing. As I said, Caryn has so many gorgeous trinkets, but we helped her edit and style the table, giving her a couple of different options...

We felt the Motel print was hung a little high and looked a bit disconnected from the table, so the first option has the print propped up against the wall with a simple grouping of vases and accessories next to it. The soft green that's repeated in the stool, print and plant keeps your eye moving.

The second option was to keep the Motel print on the wall, but to add some height on the table so the print was more inclusive in the setting. We had some fun with all Caryn's bits and pieces, layering from front to back and with a mix of textures. Some books helped to ground some of the smaller pieces.

The corner next to the front door is the perfect spot for the coat rack. It's great for things you can grab as you head out the door - coat, bag, dog lead etc. A touch of greenery helps to bring the outdoors in, and the mat provides a fun welcome.

If you'd like some Bibby + Brady interior help, Dael & I would love to hear from you. Sometimes you might not need a full room design, but maybe just some styling help, or furniture sourcing. Get in touch and see how we can work together.