Dream Home

I loved this first image (below) the moment I spied it on Pinterest. The blue walls and door are gorgeous, and I love how it frames the view through to the rooms beyond. So you can imagine my excitement when I found the entire home on Elle Decoration and every room was equally as gorgeous!

It belongs to Swedish blogger and photographer, Kristin Lagerqvist. Like me, Kristin has always loved blue, finding it a soothing, comforting colour. Blue is the common thread throughout the home where it features on walls, in wallpaper, furniture and accessories. It's balanced by fresh white, warm, rich wood tones and mossy greens.

Kristin used North Sea Paints, and they helped her develop the special shade of sky blue naming it after her - Krickelin Haze Blue ("Krickelin" is the name of her blog).

I love the wallpaper in the office (FYI... we can get this wallpaper for you, in case you love it as much as I do - email me for the details). The vintage desk and dresser, along with the chandelier Kristin inherited from her grandmother, add warmth and give the room a sense of depth and history.

The large kitchen is spacious and functional with beautiful brass handles and a marble bench top. I was happy to see the gorgeous blue and white bowl on the bench, as I have exactly the same one in my kitchen - great minds!

Also sharing my love of pattern, Kristin has used all sorts of amazing wallpaper throughout her home. The Designers Guild paper in the entranceway is another wallpaper you can source through us here at Bibby + Brady.

Stepping away from the blue tones momentarily, the bedroom is wallpapered in a restful tone of soft sage green. It echoes the greenery found both outside and inside the window.

I'm finishing this post with another room that makes me really happy. It features a stunning William Morris wallpaper in a metallic bronze. Originally produced in the 1880's it looks incredible in this 21st century home.

Photos: Andrea Papini  | Retouching: Jenny Soderstrom

There isn't one thing that I don't love in Kristin's home. The combination of colours, patterns, furniture and art choices are all amazing. This might just be my dream home!