Interior Design Compromise

After the third time my husband suggested we give our bedroom a makeover I couldn't ignore the fact that he didn't love our room. When I asked what it was he didn't like, he replied "I'm not a fan of the grungy chain mail blanket on the end of the bed". Gasp!!! "You mean our beautiful Moroccan wedding blanket?!" I exclaimed, dumbfounded.

It's tricky when you and your partner have different interior design taste, but it's definitely not uncommon. Take the time to talk about each other's likes and dislikes and see if you can create a look that combines a blend of your styles, after all opposites attract. My husband likes simple, clean lines, and a very unfussy look. I love pattern and a Boho/global vibe. To create a look that we both love I've decided to swap our blue velvet duvet cover with a beautiful white linen one, edit and simplify the look with just a hint of pattern in a throw or cushion. Here's my inspiration, it's Boho meets Scandi, and I'm looking forward to putting it together. I'll be sure to take photos to share with you on the blog.

Dael and I often have to combine a couple's style when working with our clients. Sometimes they'll hire us as a neutral party to help when they just can't decide on a look they both like. It's about listening to each person and what is important to them. Your home should be a reflection of all who live there, not just one person, and often that mix of styles, if done right, can add contrast and interest, not to mention make everyone happy. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you'd like help combining your styles.

PS: our 13 year old daughter is thrilled with her new Moroccan wedding blanket, and it looks fab on her bed :)