Wallpaper Inspiration

Dael & I are so lucky to have access to the most amazing selection of wallpaper in our job. We've just had a visit from our lovely rep from Icon Textiles, who stock beautiful ranges from Cole & Son, Designers Guild, Christian Lacroix, Liberty and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. As much as we love paint, sometimes we just need a bit more, and wallpaper is brilliant for adding depth and dimension. Don't be put off by bad wallpaper memories from your childhood! Wallpaper is back in vogue, and there truly is something for everyone.

If you're a fan of the neutral palette and don't want a lot of bright colours, the Eco Front collection has a gorgeous range of wallpaper that is void of colour but has stacks of texture and personality. A woven look; tiny squares that look like post-it notes; and I love how the drapery paper creates such softness on a flat wall.

There are plenty of other lovely subtle patterns available that sit quietly in the background. One of my favourites is Eco Crayon, (pictured below in pink and turquoise) this almost has a grasscloth effect with it's crosshatching pattern.

Coral by Cole & Son is a cool organic pattern found in the Landscapes collection. But if you want a more dramatic effect you could choose Vermicelli from the Cole & Son Curio Collection. It's the same pattern but in a larger scale and bolder colours with a metallic finish to die for!

If you do want wallpaper as a feature in your room, there are so many amazing and delectable papers that will add drama, atmosphere and personality. We've chosen the wallpaper below, Hicks' Hexagon from Cole & Son, to use in a client's entrance and hallway. The hall can be a little dark, but the metallic quality of the wallpaper, along with a large mirror, will help to bounce light around from the adjacent living room.

These images represent a tiny portion of the choices available to you. If you're in Hawke's Bay come and talk to us about your wallpaper requirements, or if you're not from our corner of the country, just email us, we'd love to find the perfect wallpaper for your next project.