Five Entrances We'd Like To Come Home To

I love a good entrance. Not only do they set the tone for the rest of the house, but they have the potential to make you really happy to be home. I've chosen a few entrances that make us happy and that we'd be thrilled to come home to.

A good console table is usually the first piece we look to when we design an entranceway. If it has storage, it's super handy for stowing keys, hats, dog leads, all sorts of things that you may want to grab as you leave the house. A beautiful piece of art or a large mirror above the console is the next key piece. Then decorate the surface with some favourite accessories - a vase with fresh flowers or greenery is a favourite, and a rug to welcome you in.

Sometimes a stool works just as well as a console. It provides a place to sit and put your shoes on and off, as well as a place to display some favourite things. It also helps to ground a piece of art.

This velvet stool is especially gorgeous, and works beautifully in this entrance. Think outside the square and use a similar piece instead of a coffee table. A tray is a great for providing a slightly more stable surface for things such as a vase. Large books are great for this too. A mirror is always good for checking your hair or applying some lippy as you run out the door.

Sometimes you may not be blessed with a large entrance, or perhaps you walk straight into your living room. Even the smallest of tables can help to create a sense of an entrance. If space is of a premium consider a floating table to add more of an airy feel.

Don't forget the door! When you or your guests leave the house, or you go to welcome someone in, a splash of colour on your door will make you smile. It's all those little details that will take your home up a notch and leave it feeling a bit special and super stylish!