Lilly Pulitzer Furniture - part one

I discovered Lilly Pulitzer in a round-about way. I was watching Cougar Town, season 1, 
(so funny!) and fell in love with Courtenay Cox's sunglasses. I googled "Courtenay Cox, sunglasses, season 1, episode 3" and guess what, I wasn't the only one who loved them. Somebody else pointed me in the right direction - they are Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses. I bought them, and since then I am always checking out the L.P. range - so gorgeous. I'm so excited as they have a new furniture collection arriving soon. What do you think...? I wonder if they could ship a container of it to me here in New Zealand?!

If you come back tomorrow I will show you some of my favourite individual pieces.
PS: these are the sunnies...