Tea anybody?!

Nothing beats a lovely hot cup of tea (well, apart from a nice cold glass of champagne!). We have a coffee machine at work, which everyone else uses - a lot! But I have a little floral tea-for-one teapot & cup. I once saw a little old lady order a cup of tea at McDonalds, she then preceded to pull a china teacup out of her handbag and pour her tea into it. I can totally relate to her - it just doesn't taste the same in a polystyrene cup. And I know a fellow blogger (Jacqui from Magpie Chic) who's cat will only drink out of a china teacup. 
So here is a little tribute to tea and some beautiful tea cups...

I love using tea cups as vases

Beautiful cups & saucers from T2 Tea's blog

Some of T2 Tea's pretty range

I love this print by Sweet William

Another beautiful Sweet William print - see more here

Very clever lighting collection by Greg Bonasera

Don't you just love these cute tea cups by Samantha Robinson?!