DIY Tables

I must admit it was the vibrant colours that first attracted me to this photo, and the beautiful Moroccan feel. But on closer inspection, I really love the rustic old table, especially after reading how it was created for the photo shoot. It was a bohemian-themed shoot for DIY Network, and Claire Zinnecker, the stylist, wanted a low, rustic table for easy lounging on sumptuous cushions and rugs. She came across some old bed posts that she knew would make perfect legs, and topped them with simple wooden planks - voilà!

It got me thinking about another cool table I featured recently on my Facebook page that used an old door as a table top. I had people asking me where to get trestle legs so that they could create this look themselves. My suggestion was to scour the 2nd hand shops to try and find really great old rustic trestle legs, or get a carpenter to make some for you.

But there are other solutions as well. These pics following use Ikea trestle legs, caster wheels, vintage suitcases, and very large old table legs. Is anyone inspired yet? I would love to know (or see photos) of some cool DIY projects you have created.

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