Bring It On Home

If I won Lotto this weekend (hint, hint kids - buy me a ticket for Mother's Day this Sunday), I would pack up the family and head to the airport. The girl's would want to go to Disneyland, and hubby has always wanted to go surfing in Hawaii; but I want to go to India, Morocco, Vietnam, Italy, Scandinavia... I could go on. I want to visit beautiful, exotic places and fill my suitcases with the treasures I find there.

I love homes that have these sorts of treasures dotted throughout. Not only do they tell a story of places it's owner has travelled to, things they've done; but they also inject a richness and uniqueness (my spellcheck tells me that is a real word!) into the home. I loved this feature on Design Sponge about the things people bring home from their travels. I've chosen my favourites to show you...

The hand embroidered linen bedspread started it's life in Morocco and now lives in this Sydney home

This Dallas, Texas home houses beautiful textiles from India and a poster from Granada, Spain

The tiny Buddha from Bali perches atop some books in a home in Hudson Valley, America

A New Yorker who has designed countless logos for restaurant business cards & matchboxes,
found this vintage tin to hold them all in a flea market in Italy

This beautiful elephant was painted in India and now resides in Beijing, China

A hallway in East London boasts this colourful rug bought when it's owner was working in Jordan

One of my favourite bathrooms with it's mix of patterns - the basket and slippers are from Marrakech,
while the bathroom is in a home in Nimes, France

I'll probably have to wait until the kids have left home, and take hubby via Hawaii. In the meantime I'll content myself with reading more of Sibella Court's beautiful books, and continue my travels in the virtual world!