Small in Space but Big in Heart

Hi lovelies, I hope your week is off to a good start. Here's something to help it along...
This is another case of having a room that I've loved on first sight, and then stumbling across the entire home - love it when that happens! 

As expected, I'm not disappointed. This tiny three room apartment in Finland is owned by Susanna and Jussi Vento, and their daughter. As an interior designer, Susanna has lots of experience (and tricks) to turn a tiny space into a warm and welcoming home. She uses one of my favourite formulas, which is white + black + a pop of colour or natural wood accents.
She also likes to mix treasures picked up at flea markets with classic design pieces. Although more expensive, Susanna and Jussi know those pieces will stand the test of time.

Three rooms... this photo is taken from Susanna & Jussi's daughter's room,
through to the dining room, and their bedroom beyond.

A simple, graphic colour scheme starring two of my favourite rugs -
Palermo from Gun Rugs, and Stockholm Rand from Ikea.

Susanna bought a couple of Bertoia's Diamod chairs online.
Instead of searching by name, she searched for 'wire chairs' thinking (and quite rightly)
that if someone didn't know the designer's name, she could probably pick up a bargain.

The kitchen was designed by Susanna. The all-white backdrop gives the illusion of more space.

The little details add personality, as well as function.

The simple side table was hand painted by Susanna. Again, white gives a fresh, roomy feel.

The colourful poster is actually framed wrapping paper by Sanna Annukka.

The details... oh, the details!

This was the original room I'd fallen in love with, filled with so many of my favourite things -
colour & pattern on a white backdrop; cool cushions, graphic prints, vintage toys
and an Eames Hang-It-All coat hanger.