Living Small

You know how much I love nooks and tiny spaces! Well, I posted this pic (below) on Facebook recently - it's such a great use of space, dropping the bench top down into a seat to create a tiny dining area. Someone commented on the perspective of the photograph and where it was taken from, so I thought you may be interested to see the whole apartment...

The Swedish are so clever at living comfortably in small homes. The key is to utilise the space wisely, like adding a loft bedroom above the living room (this is where the first photo would've been taken). Down lighting has been added underneath the loft, and they've even included a little bookcase that can be accessed from the loft.

A small wall separates the living room from the kitchen - by not enclosing it completely helps to make the kitchen feel more spacious.

Beautiful big windows, lots of natural light, and the Scandi white interior adds to the feeling of space and airiness. The Wishbone chairs are another smart choice - a more solid chair would take up more visual space.

The bathroom areas are tiny but still stylish. A tiny shelf, a ladder, and a basket all provide storage solutions.

The entrance is actually pretty roomy. The coat hooks and mirror are handy for coming and goings, but I would definitely add a rug and a little console to create a lovely welcome.

It makes you realise how lucky we are with the size of our homes here in New Zealand. But if you do have a small home I hope you've taken some inspiration from this one. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Scandi Soft

Step inside this beautiful Stockholm home where the layers of colour and pattern found in the rugs and artwork soften the clean Scandinavian lines.

Both the high impact pieces in the living room - the rug and painting - contain the same tones, so as not to fight with each other.

I love the curtains, so soft and subtle. If you have high windows I highly recommend using a little more fabric and starting your curtains from the roofline. It adds height and elegance to the room.

Layering rugs adds drama, and is a great trick if your rug isn't big enough for the space.

One of my favourite elements is the simple marble shelf that creates a desk in the corner of the bedroom. The leather stool is a gorgeous partner to the marble.

The lovely clean lines, with subtle colour and texture, continue into the bathroom. The introduction of all those gorgeous warm tones throughout the house balance the distinctly Scandi black and white base. Divine!

A Photographer's Home

I came across this beautiful home on my recent internet travels and was taken with it's gorgeous light, airy feel, and eclectic pieces. Located in the northern part of Trøndelag in Norway, the mainly white backdrop is distinctly Scandinavian, but little touches throughout add another layer, and you know there's a story there.

The home belongs to Janne Amalie Svit, photographer and owner of the online shop Image Troopers, her husband, Geir Olsen, and their daughter, Vilma. As a photographer, light is really important to Janne, so she has created the perfect environment to work in. Her job has taken her around the world, and it's those treasures and little souvenirs found on her travels that add interest and personality to their family home.

styling: Tone Kroken | photography: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

The home is stylish, but also warm, welcoming and functional - it ticks all the boxes for me. Pop over here to see and read more it.