A Photographer's Home

I came across this beautiful home on my recent internet travels and was taken with it's gorgeous light, airy feel, and eclectic pieces. Located in the northern part of Trøndelag in Norway, the mainly white backdrop is distinctly Scandinavian, but little touches throughout add another layer, and you know there's a story there.

The home belongs to Janne Amalie Svit, photographer and owner of the online shop Image Troopers, her husband, Geir Olsen, and their daughter, Vilma. As a photographer, light is really important to Janne, so she has created the perfect environment to work in. Her job has taken her around the world, and it's those treasures and little souvenirs found on her travels that add interest and personality to their family home.

styling: Tone Kroken | photography: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

The home is stylish, but also warm, welcoming and functional - it ticks all the boxes for me. Pop over here to see and read more it.