Details - Lili Diallo

I have a huge love of books, I could spend hours getting lost in a book shop, and spend many hours reading. You all know about my passion for interiors, so today I'll combine the two, and show you the next book on my wish list - Details by the fabulous stylist, Lili Diallo.

When you think about decorating, you probably envision big changes, big purchases and big costs. Interior stylist Lili Diallo has two words for you: 'start small'! She specialises in bringing homes alive through the details - a silvery pillow here, a floral screen here, and plenty of personality everywhere - amen

Stylists typically transform spaces by working with pieces that are already present, and their goal is to translate the residents' stories and passions by their surroundings. Details will help you to edit your beloved belongings and arrange a room so there's just charm, no clutter, and to tap into your own inner stylist. Here's a sneak peek into this fantastic book...