Neighbourhood Eats Cookbook

Introducing this beautiful cookbook filled with treasured family recipes from the Napier Central School neighbourhood…

Dael and I are thrilled to have played a small part in this beautiful cookbook, “Neighbourhood Eats”, which features mouth-watering, tried and trusted recipes from the Napier Central School community. The book is a school fundraiser to raise money to help save their school pool, which needs major refurbishments.

I know when you envisage a school cookbook you might think photocopied pages and spiral binding, but not this cookbook! Neighbourhood Eats is the most beautiful hardback book filled with 275 recipes and more than 300 incredible original photographs shot by our favourite photographer, Florence Charvin.

Every family has at least one or two favourite recipes. You know the ones handed down from your grandmother; the ones that have a story that goes with them, and a history; the ones that have been experimented with and adjusted until they’re just right. Put together in one stunning book, the recipes and the stories in Neighbourhood Eats will make their way into your kitchen and your heart.

The recipes in this book are a perfect reflection of the cultural diversity found at Napier Central School. As well as Kiwi kids, they have pupils whose backgrounds include Thai, Swedish, Scottish, Malaysian, Japanese, Indian, Australian, Irish, Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian, and German, to name a few. Also scattered through the book are recipes from some well known New Zealanders - Jacinda Ardern, Peter Gordon, and Jospeh Parker have all donated their favourite recipe.

Behind the scenes there has been the most incredible group of people working tirelessly to make this book a reality. A group of volunteer cooks made up of mums, dads, grandmothers and teachers, cooked all of the recipes. Members of the Napier Central PTA organised and oversaw the photoshoots, liaised with the graphic designer, recruited sponsors, organised printing, donating their time all in an effort to help their childrens’ school.

The name Neighbourhood Eats came about because of the huge effort put in from the whole community - parents, teachers, pupils and local businesses. Sponsorship support from a large number of local businesses covered all of the production costs, which means that 100% of the profits can go directly into the Napier Central School “save the pool” fund. Between us Dael and I have five daughters, all of whom are past pupils of this wonderful school, so we were very happy to be able to help with this project, sponsoring the ‘soups and breads’ chapter.

The Neighbourhood Eats cookbook costs $45 and can be ordered from their great looking website (built by Kathryn McGarvey). What a brilliant gift it would make, so why not grab a few copies for your mum and your sister too, knowing that you’ll be giving a fantastic gift as well as contributing to a worthy cause. I’m sure these are going to fly out the door, so don’t miss out, order your copy today.

Leven "Feel Good" Giveaway

We love the selection of beautiful things that our friends at Leven stock. Gorgeous jewellery and scented candles, stunning artwork and luxurious blankets (to name a few)... whether you're buying for a friend or treating yourself, there's something for everyone.

Because they're so fabulous Leven have chosen a few of their favourite things to offer our Cush & Nooks readers as a giveaway...

Triumph & Disaster No Dice Sunscreen

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Egg Shell Candles

Competition now closed. Congratulations to Karyn Honey, our lucky winner.

A Little Bit Crafty | Frankie Magazine

I know many of you are big fans of the fabulous frankie magazine. Any why wouldn't you be?! Their magazines are gorgeous, beautiful quality, and with their covers like little pieces of art, they look fab on your desk or coffee table. 

Well, I've got some exciting news for you... just in time for Christmas, frankie have released their first ever craft book, a little bit crafty. It's a delightful book bursting with ideas - 39 diy projects collected from crafty creatives around New Zealand and Australia.

My copy arrived a few days ago and I've had so much fun looking at all the clever and quirky ideas. The projects are all cheap and easy, with an emphasis on using recycled materials. For anyone with older kids that are creative, this would be a fantastic Christmas gift, as it would help to keep them busy over the school holidays. Or purchase a copy today and give all your family and friends amazing hand crafted gifts this year.

There are so many wonderful projects in this book. I've selected a few of my favourite to inspire you, but I highly recommend you picking up your own copy.

blooby acquaintances mobile | laura blythman & peter cromer

wordy wrapping paper | carla hackett

the virtually new old vase | alice oehr

the top secret bag | penelope ferguson

going postal | ebony bizys

All photography (apart from the very first pic) is by the uber talented Hilary Walker.