Exhibit your personality with GIB-Cove®

Dael and I wanted to share a project with you that we've had so much fun with and are very proud to have worked on. It's a campaign for GIB® to promote their new range of GIB-Cove®. With five different cove profiles available, you can choose the one which best suits your style and your personality, whether that is modern and minimal, more traditional, or something in between. Coving is an important architectural detail in your home and deserves as much consideration as any other piece you'd choose for your room. We worked with the amazing team at justONE in Auckland who created the campaign and the five different personalities to represent each cove. We designed a living room for each personality that we felt worked beautifully with the chosen GIB-Cove®.

Behind the scenes

We were able to fly up to Auckland to create one of the rooms we designed, and it was amazing to see the room come to life. We designed the room for Mason (and his dog Rusty) to suit his laid back lifestyle and personality. The contemporary lines of the Mezzo GIB-Cove® complimented the room beautifully.

The other four rooms we designed have been turned into fabulous illustrations. Make sure you check them all out on the Gib® website and click on each style to see how to 'get the look'.

A special thanks to all our suppliers whose products we've used in our room designs, but especially to those who allowed us to use their products for Mason's photo shoot - Soren Liv, The Ivy House, Maytime, The Poi Room, Bianca Lorenne, Torpedo7, Carpet Court, and Black Bridge Nurseries. If you're interested in any of the amazing products we've featured you can also purchase through us, just give us a call or fire through an email. And if you're interested in using the GIB-Cove® in your home talk to your local, architect, interior designer, or builder about the range.

The Block Outdoor Areas | Girls vs Boys

Last night saw the final room reveal on The Block Girls vs Boys - can you believe it's finished already?! It looks like something else might get thrown at the teams in tonight's episode, as it didn't feel like Mark was quite finished with them, but essentially their houses are finished and nearly ready for auction. Niki and Tiff finished on a high and in spectacular style with a win for their outdoor area.

Niki and Tiff: 1st place - 17 points (9 from Fiona and 9 from Paul and a -1 from D+D)

The girls gamble to spend big bucks ($20 odd grand I think) on their built-in outdoor fireplace really paid off. It looks amazing!!! I want one, complete with marble tiles, although I'd quite like a pizza oven in the mix too. The white with touches of black is totally in keeping with their indoors, and a touch of blue in the cushions links back to their laundry tiles.

The rainwater tank with vertical vege garden is really cool, and kids and animals will love the pocket of grass. The only thing I didn't like was the choice and the placement of the outdoor furniture. It is so impractical and will not stand up to the elements, and impossible to mow around. I think it would've made more sense to put the table and chairs on the tiled area. It's all very well making a space look pretty, but if it's not functional it's just a waste.

But, back to the built-in fire and bench seat... it's amazing, and Niki and Tiff absolutely deserve this win.

Dyls and Dylz: 2nd place - 16.5 points (8.5 from Fiona and 8 from Paul)

Sam and Emmett had the "-1" to play, but realised after the judge's comments that it wouldn't be enough to help them this week. Rather than not play it at all, Big Dyls offered them $1,000 for it. It was a gamble that didn't quite pay off as D+D were still half a point behind. Theirs was definitely my second favourite space, I really like the indoor/outdoor flow and the Louvretec roof that can be open or closed.

It was a shame the boys couldn't use their building skills to build in their BBQ, it would've looked a lot smarter. But I know they were flat out doing other jobs, and I do love the curved wooden walkway they built. I guess there is only so much they can achieve in the time frame.

Junior did a great job around the side of the house, I love the little river stone walkway and the boxed herb garden.

Emma and Courtney: 3rd place - 13 points (6 from Fiona and 7 from Paul)

The girls have some nice elements in their space like the slatted wall and the retractable awning, but there was nothing that really 'wowed' me.

The glass balustrade doesn't allow a lot of privacy, and I wonder if repeating the wooden slatted wall and carrying it up a bit higher might've helped with this. I like the frame behind the table, it will look lovely once the plants become more established and start covering it.

Sam and Emmett: last place - 12 points (6 from Fiona and 6 from Paul)

It was another tough week for the boys with sooo much to finish off inside and out. Unfortunately I found their outdoor space a bit busy with the checkerboard pavers in two different greys and the brown furniture.

There's not much more to say other than this last photo is my favourite of theirs. I really like the materials used on the house - the large blocks of dark weatherboard and light brick, and the vertical wood cladding.

With everything finished in the houses, what will this week bring? Stay tuned to TV3 to see all the drama. With auction day looming, who is your pick to win this year? Did any of you make it to the open homes? I'd love to hear what you thought.

The Orangery

Dael & I are getting ready to open the doors to our new Bibby + Brady office/showroom. It's a tiny black building and we're trying to decide what to plant in the tiny garden at the front. We both love luscious greenery against black and white buildings, and I've come across an amazing example of this colour scheme.

Swedish designer and entrepreneur, Agneta Enzell, designed this space for her and her family, they call it "The Orangery". Surrounded by windows, it's drenched in light and is a cross between a home and a greenhouse. The plants seem to thrive in the environment, both indoor and out.

The space is available year round, but it's used mostly in summer for relaxing and entertaining with friends and family. The black and white colour scheme continues inside where the decor is practical and low maintenance.

Black stained raised beds are filled with edible goodies for fresh, delicious meals. Even the plant markers tie in with the theme - black ice block sticks with white names - it's all in the details! Isn't this is a great space?!