Pug Love

Have you noticed that pugs have become very popular these days?! You can't help but love these little guys - born with a face that only a mother could love ;) I love all dogs, but, to be honest, I am a big dog person. In saying that, if I was to choose a smaller dog, a pug would be top of the list. They just have such great character - cute but staunch!

Jessica Alba and George Clooney share my view on pugs

Who could resist Pixel the baby pug?

Our gorgeous Cush & Nooks pug cushion cover with black piping

Start your day with a smile when using this adorable pug egg cup

Another Cush & Nooks cushion cover in delicious chocolate moleskin

Get creative with Wasabi the Gregarious Pug knitting pattern

Last, but not least, our sumptuous red moleskin pug cushion cover