My Contact Voyaging Co. Paddle

You may remember a post I did earlier this year on the amazingly cool painted paddles from Contact Voyaging Co. Canadian artist, Alex Jowett, paints a range of simple but stunning patterns onto the paddles, which can be used in the traditional 'paddle' sense, or as a piece of art.


I couldn't be more excited to now have my very own Contact Voyaging Co. paddle hanging on our living room wall. It'll come as no surprise to most of you that I chose the Pink Cross, which I think looks pretty darn good with my Armadillo&Co Caravan rug.

You can buy your own paddle on Alex's Etsy site, as well as his awesome lights, cushions, and artwork.

Etsy Love

You all know by now how much I love homes that are filled with personality. I like to see unique pieces, quirky knick knacks, vintage and upcycled treasures. That's why I'm a massive Etsy fan. If you're prepared to invest a little time to explore you can find all of these things. 'Favourite' those shops that really excite you, and check back to see all their new products. 

You can buy a vintage rug from Turkey, an antique ornament from England, a crocheted ottoman from Spain, a beautiful set of handmade feathered arrows from America... the choices are endless. Here are a few of my current 'favourites...

party confetti from Knot & Bow | white & gold dot dish from Up In The Air Somewhere | vintage copper cup hanging planter from Hruskaa | geometric swizzle sticks from French Knot Studios | pink dipped wooden bowl from Wind and Willow Home