A Little Piece of Scandinavia in Scotland

You would be forgiven for thinking that the home I'm about to show you is in Sweden or Norway. While it most definitely has the feel and aesthetics of a Scandinavian home, it is actually a tenement flat in Glasgow, Scotland. It is the home of Deborah Moir, her husband, and two young sons. Deborah is soon to have her own blog, but you can find her guest posting on A Merry Mishap, and also on Instagram and Pinterest.

Deborah's love for Scandinavian design has taught her to declutter her home and achieve a happy, relaxed family environment through her clean, neutral colour palette. She has so many of my favourite pieces ie: the Karlsson clock, an Eames hang-it-all, that striped Ikea rug, and I love the spots on the bedroom wall.

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