Bedroom Trilogy

I'd like to start my post today by thanking Abbey from Gild and Grace for introducing me to the Everygirl. It's a site created by two friends, Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, to inspire and guide the 'everyday girl' in her life. It covers topics such as career, food, fashion, finance, health, travel, and of course, living.

I particularly love their recent posts about styling a bed, and bedside table, put together by lifestyle blogger and owner of Furbish Studio, Jamie Meares. So, headboard or no headboard? Here are three looks that Jamie created...

A traditional headboard can be a real feature. Make it the focal point and keep your pillows quite simple.

Your bedside table needs to be practical as well as look good, and reflect your personality. Lamps and books are essential for bedtime reading; a clock is handy so you're not late for work; candles are great for ambience; and some personal touches, such as a photo, flowers, or a cute container for your jewels.

Be creative, you can replace a traditional headboard with alternatives, such as this bamboo screen. A drop of wallpaper or fabric can look fabulous too.

If you only have a small bedside table a stack of books always looks great. Not only do you have a range of reading material on hand, it's a mini shelf for displaying a clock or candle, and creates height for added interest. The artwork leaning against the wall also adds depth to this collection, and saves you hammering a nail into the wall.

My personal favourite is using a large piece of art in place of a headboard. Or use pillows as a focal point, layering with large Euro pillows at the back.

Consider having a taller bookshelf in place of a bedside table. They're perfect for additional storage, and give you the chance to showcase your favourite mementos. After all, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you want it to be filled with things you love.

My pick from these looks would be the painting in place of a headboard, and the gorgeous green bedside tables. Do you have a favourite?