All the Love in the World

I think you'll like this, it's a pretty cool concept. All the Love in the World is the work of Melbourne designer and photographer, Jesse Hunter. When Jesse and his partner, Mikala, decided to quit their graphic design jobs and travel around the world, they found love wherever they went. Armed with a camera and a sense of adventure, they visited 44 countries on six continents in 650 days.

Jesse noticed at the beginning of this epic voyage that there was a pattern to what he was photographing - interesting house numbers, intriguing windows, and sewer plates. But the most prominent thing was love hearts. So every place he visited Jesse photographed love hearts in all shapes and form.

Back in Australia, Jesse now wants to turn these photos into a book, and is running a campaign to gather enough pre-orders so that he can print 500 copies. What a perfect wedding, engagement or anniversary gift it would make, or just a gift for someone you love.

I 'love' the cover which is created from over 800 individual love hearts.

Each page features the name of the city and country the photograph was taken in, and uses a different font to suit each image.

Some of the hearts are very blatant, and others are less obvious and you find yourself doing a 'where's wally' search for them.

For more information and ways you can help, and secure your own copy of this gorgeous book, click here.