Circle of Love

As a kid I loved to draw. I would carry a sketch pad around with me and draw whatever I came across. When I was a teenager I loved to paint. Since becoming a graphic designer and being immersed into the digital world, my drawing and painting has ceased. But for a while now I've had a hankering to pull out my brushes and see if I can get back what I once had.

I'm really drawn to circular art at the moment, so this is where I want to start - maybe something abstract, maybe a bit of mixed media... I'm not sure. What I do know is that I love all of these examples...

A cool print by Michelle Tavares taken from her original collage and photograph

Amazing painting by New Zealand artist, Emma Wright

Another beautiful painting by another incredible New Zealand artist, Nic Scotland

A gorgeous printed wall decal featuring the Pink & White Terraces from Aroha & Friends

Just one of the many cool Wall Dots available from Pony Rider

And I just had to include this photo. I'm in lust with everything here - the sofas with their mix of patterned cushions and throw; the polished concrete floor and rough brick wall; the massive artwork and the circular mirror. Yes, yes, I'm really into circles at the moment :)