The Home of Ellen & Portia

Ellen DeGeneres is one of my favourite TV personalities, I mean... have you seen her dance?! You know that question - "if you could have anyone to a dinner party, who would you invite?" - well, Ellen would definitely be invited. She's funny, kind, infectiously positive, the sort of person you want to have around you - gush, gush!

To top that, the girl likes to decorate! I was really interested to read how much she loves real estate and interior design. In an interview with Architectural Digest she talks about how growing up they always rented, but she and her Dad would dream about owning a house. They looked at real estate together and Ellen would pick out her bedroom. So, naturally, when she became a super successful comedian and talk show host, the first thing she did was buy houses, lots of them.

I love this home she shares with her gorgeous partner, Portia de Rossi, in Beverly Hills. It has a lovely eclectic style, with some beautiful pieces, but also a relaxed, inviting feel to it. Some of my favourite things are the artworks, particularly the Andy Warhol paintings (note the sneaker work in the dining room, Ellen's trademark shoe of choice), the inlay mirror in the bathroom, and the shelves of shoes (easy to see whose shoes are whose!), oh, and that pool! x