The Home of Stylist Anna Church

I've got another fabulous home to show you today. It belongs to the lovely New Zealand stylist, Anna Church, and is situated on the beautiful Waiheke Island, off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand.

It has a definite Kiwi/Pacific flavour, with warm, sandy tones throughout, and pops of sea blue. Straw hats, wooden oars, and tropical cushions add to the theme. It's completely in keeping with the beautiful, relaxed vibe you get on Waiheke.

Like all good stylists, Anna has the ability to find everyday objects and group them together to make stunning compositions. You can achieve a look like this on a budget - Anna customised the dresser below, and combined it with shells, flowers, and roadside finds. The artwork is one of my favourites by Nikki Apse, inspired by a fish and chips menu.

I love the modern, bright yellow cord light paired with the rustic cane light shade in the bedroom. The artwork above the bed is by talented Waiheke artist, Emma Wright.

The sculptural wire chairs came all the way from the Camden markets in London. And now they sit on the little bedroom deck overlooking the most breathtaking ocean view.

via Fancy Windows via Homelife

Photography by Kevin Emirali.