Jessica Breakwell

Pinterest is a wonderful thing! If I'm ever in need of inspiration I know I can alway find it there. It was on Pinterest that I first saw the work of Jessica Breakwell. Jessie is a Melbourne artist who runs her own gallery in South Yarra, and is self-represented, managing her own marketing and promotion. This bold move allows her the freedom to take on commission work, and the ability to fully support herself and spend all her working energy painting, which is when she is most at peace. Her artwork "Water Mellon" hung in the Fenton & Fenton shop window for only a few days before being snapped up. This was my introduction to the wonderful Jessie Breakwell...

It just so happens that I'm kinda crazy about zebras and elephants, and also flamingos.
So scrolling through Jessie's portfolio on her website late one evening was an awe inspiring experience. Every new painting was my favourite, which has made it hard to narrow down the selection to show you now. But of all her work, it's the Jungle Series that really pulls at my heart strings.

Jessie is obviously so talented, having studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and held exhibitions at Picasso Gallery in London, Beverly Hills Hotel in LA, and sell-out openings in Melbourne. But it's the magical childlike quality of her work, that we often lose as adults, that I most love. She attributes some of her free-spirited style to her time working as a nanny for Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne. Their spontaneity and craziness were creative inspiration, and their incredible collection of dogs were an even greater influence.

Jessie's animals are based around people, and she often infuses human characteristics into them as she paints. She creates a beautiful series of owls, and takes commissions to paint owl 'family portraits'. If you want to contact Jessie about any of her work or a commission, drop her an email. And keep up to date on all her work via her Facebook page.