Surrounded by Colour

It's been a while since I've featured a Scandinavian home on the blog. When I came across the Swedish home of Klara Ripa and her family, I was drawn in by the vibrant colours and creative touches throughout. Klara shares more of her creativity on her blog Pippivogel.

Simple paper shapes sewn on to string and strung across the ceiling make a happy display.

A cabinet once covered in wallpaper has been stripped bare by the kids. This is something I'm all too familiar with - my twins used to tear strips off their walls, as two year olds, instead of taking their afternoon naps - grrrr!

Why have standard drawer handles when you can string beads across instead?!

Not even the bathroom gets away untouched. Self adhesive vinyl is cut to fit a row of tiles.

Obviously no one takes themselves too seriously in this family, it looks like a pretty fun place to live. To see even more colour, pop over to Dos Family.