As a child I always wanted a bunk bed, or better still, a loft bed. As an adult I'm still crazy about these and you'll often find me posting and pinning images of them. Last week I posted this gorgeous bedroom (below) on my Facebook page, it's everything I always dreamed of as a kid!

It's important to me that I credit the source of the images I'm posting on Facebook. It's a small courtesy that I would appreciate if they were my images, and I live by the motto "do unto others as you would have others do unto you". But with blogs and tumblr sites it can sometime be hard to locate where the image first originated. So I was thrilled when the owner of this delightful bedroom, Annie Baier, contacted me to let me know.

Annie, 27, lives with her husband Peter, and children, Kilian and Oliva, in a small town in Austria. As well as being a Mum, Annie is a freelance journalist, and has a gorgeous blog Annipalanni where you can often find photos of her own inspirational home. The house once belonged to Peter's grandparents, but when his grandfather died it became too big for his grandmother on her own, and she moved to a smaller apartment. After some major renovations, the young couple have well and truly put their stamp on the home.

This is just a taste of Annie's beautiful style, make sure you pop over to her blog to see more. And if you love the adorable cloud cushions (below) as much as I do, check out her shop where you can by them, along with a range of her stunning graphic prints.