3 Wishes

I really enjoyed my first '3 Wishes' post, and I got such a good response to it that I'd like to make it a regular feature. If you didn't catch the first one, the concept is that I ask two of my lovely friends to tell me what is top of their wish list. And since I always have a long list of things I'm lusting after, I'll add one of my own.

The first wish is from the gorgeous and talented Jane Denton. Jane is a Wellington-based artist who creates the most beautiful works of art predominantly using wool, for it's natural and textural qualities. Jane has her eye on a stunning painting by Kirra Jamison. "I think this painting is beautiful, timeless, and I adore Kirra's use of colour", Jane says. "The abstract nature of it means that it would appeal to a lot of people and could sit really well in many different spaces." I totally agree, I love Kirra's work.

Lovely Meg McMillan from Tea Pea Design has been coveting a Leanne Culy oar for years. So have I Meg, and they're even more amazing when you see them up close - the detail is exquisite. "It's the nostalgic feel many of them have that I love," Meg shares. "The colours and images from the 1950's New Zealand, they tell a story".

As I mentioned, there are always lots of things on my wish list. And because Jane and Meg both chose awesome works of art, I thought I'd share a piece that I'm absolutely crazy about. Part of the WANDERLUST exhibition at Fenton & Fenton, Emma Gale's mixed media and collage 'Peppa' is so striking!

Artwork is so personal. What kind of art do you love?