Gitte Brandt

You may remember last Friday I featured, among other things, a print of a leopard holding an umbrella. It's a favourite of mine, but I never knew who the artist was. Until yesterday, when Stefanie, one of my lovely readers, emailed to let me know the artist is the lovely and, obviously talented, Gitte Brandt.

Gitte is a self-taught painter with a MA in French and philosophy, and has worked as a cultural journalist. She lives in Copenhagen with her art-dealer husband, Thomas Brandt, and their two daughters. When she's not painting by the lakes of her home, you'll find her painting in Perigord in France. Sounds like a charmed existence! Her work is sold all over the world, and you can see why... it's delightful and whimsical, I love it.

I recognised another of her paintings from a stunningly simple bedroom I featured here.

And although the one I remembered from here is not exactly the same, it must be Gitte's work. I know she does custom orders, creating paintings specifically for the purchaser if wanted. What do you think - are you a fan, like me?