Hamilton Home

For me, one of the most special parts of Cush & Nooks is getting to meet so many amazing, like-minded people. Just over a year ago I got a Facebook message from a follower of mine, asking advice on some art for her home. Since then we have exchanged many more messages and emails, and on a recent trip to Hamilton I got to visit her in her gorgeous home.

Sarah-Jane Hamilton is one of those people who is as beautiful inside as she is out. Bubbly and vivacious, she took me on a tour of the home that she and her husband, Justin, bought in May 2012.

Although no structural work needed to be done to the house, Sarah and Justin have given it a major makeover. Originally painted in tea tones with wooden beams, the first thing they did was paint the entire inside of the house in a fresh white to lighten and brighten it. Once they had their blank canvas, Sarah was able to work her magic by layering furniture and homewares that she'd been collecting and creating. With a job as a graphic designer she has a great eye, and simply oozes creativity.

Heat pumps, while practical, are not beautiful! Sarah has cleverly distracted your eye away from theirs by creating a fun picture wall underneath. Included in the mix is a framed piece of Cole and Sons 'Woods' wallpaper (a favourite of Sarah's) and a photo of Justin, who is a police officer.

Sarah is a great example of patience and innovation. If there's something she loves but the budget doesn't quite stretch that far, she'll diligently save until she can afford to buy it. She believes in investing in quality pieces, and by saving for them she can be certain that they're not just bought on a whim. If she can't find what she wants, she'll make them herself, or find someone to help her make them. A great example is the moose cushion, bought from Harvey Norman, which has been pimped out with hot pink pom poms that she sewed on by hand.

A black and white base with pops of vibrant colours is Sarah's M.O. It was her mum, Jenni Greenfield, who encouraged her to paint the back wall of their dining room a striking black.

Bold black and white striped wallpaper leads you upstairs where the black and white theme continues.

The colourful garland in the guest bedroom is another of Sarah's creations.

Karen Walker's 'fuscous grey' has been used on the back wall of the master bedroom. The deep charcoal is slightly softer than black.

Plans for the office include wallpapering it in the favourited 'Woods' wallpaper. It may, one day, need to be turned into a nursery, in which case the wallpaper will make a delightful feature that will not be outgrown.

Sarah is lucky enough to have a wonderful and close relationship with her mum, Jenni. They share a passion for interiors which runs in the family. Jenni tells of her 80 year old mum who recently white washed the floor boards in her Napier home herself - what a woman!

Combining their styles, which compliment each other beautifully, the talented mother and daughter pair have started a Facebook page which showcases all the things that they love.
In particular, Sarah is passionate about the fusion of fashion and interior design. So if you like what you see here, go over and 'like' their page, there are sure to be great things to come.

All photos are taken by the amazing and extremely talented Larnie Nicolson. Larnie is responsible for the photography of many of the gorgeous homes you see in our NZ home magazines, so make sure you 'like' her on Facebook too. She has a new book with LeeAnn Yare due out soon, featuring 24 amazing New Zealand homes. I've pre-ordered mine!

My heart goes out to Sarah and Justin who recently lost their beautiful dog, Whiskey, to an unexpected surgical complication. As a massive dog lover, I know how big a hole they leave in your life when they leave. Rest in peace Whiskey x